Salt soap


INGREDIENTS: Saponified of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter.

Net wt. 160ge/ 5.6 oz.

Why You’ll Love It


Clara is a creative fashion and interior designer.

Born in Angola, and growing up in Portugal, she owns Dândi, a fashion brand once was having runway shows and catwalk presentations in both Angola and Portugal.

Changing to an organic, sustainable lifestyle, she decided to start over again with completely eco-friendly projects. In daily activities, she has a skincare routine that is typical for people with dark dry skin like her fellow countryman. Not only her body but also her face and hair.

Clara found soapii through the circle of friends.

She always believes in simple plain Olive oil soap (Castile). So she uses Castile soap for facial wash and was pleased with it. She doesn’t care much about other types of soap.

However, when she was introduced soapii Salt soap, she was fascinated by it.

She always had to put body lotion after bath. No more since she found this Salt soap. For her, showering with Salt soap is not just a shower, it is a whole experience!

“If I have to choose just one soap for the rest of my life, that would be soapii Salt soap!” she stated.