Castile Soap


Ingredients: 100% saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cold-pressed).

Box of 2 or 4 soaps.

Net wt. 160ge/ 5.6 oz


Why You’ll Love It


Dung is a Manager working for PUMA – a sports lifestyle company.

She is strong and caring. Sentimental and disciplined. She works hard and plays even harder. Her skin was perfectly fine until she moved to Germany. Her skin became picky and allergic to any soaps she used. She followed the dermatologist’s advice and tried all types of products. Most of them worked for a week or two, and then all back to problems. The even worse news is her daughter has the same skin issues. And it broke her heart.

Coincidentally, she found soapii through an old friend. She tried all soaps that soapii can offer. The Castile liquid soap for laundry made her clothes softer. The shampoo bar made her hair stop itchy. The soap bars with essential oils, especially the Lemongrass & Peppermint, made her bathroom smell refreshing, and her skin soothing. And the superstar of all soaps is the pure Castile soap bar. It’s so gentle on her skin that the dryness just disappeared. The soap is plain, hard, and lasts like forever.

The even better news is, Meo – her daughter’s skin issues are also dissolved. There is nothing more relieving than seeing a child get better, feel better and look happier after a long time of suffering.