Meet Verena

Meet Verena

Verena is a Director of Strategy & Programs Sustainability in adidas Germany. She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. She was a semi-professional tennis player, too.

Born and raised in Germany, had lived on 4 continents, she has a special relationship with Asia, especially Vietnam. Became a vegetarian since 15 for ethical reasons, she is highly aware of the environment around her.

Starting out as helping a friend, she found herself falling in love with these little natural soaps. On one business trip to Vietnam, during the high heat of summer, she recognised she had 3 showers/day! The Charcoal & Tea Tree soap leaves a minty cool feeling afterward. And that makes her cleansing process much more enjoyable!

Now, she is a huge fan of soapii soaps. She is so kind to spread her word of mouth to friends and acquaintances when opportunities arise. Like, give them as gifts for Christmas & New Year.

Thanks to loyal customers like Verena, soapii can make better products and serve their customers better.

Meet Hannah

Meet Hannah

Hannah is a German volunteer in Portugal through the Erasmus+ program.

Hannah is quiet, much more mature than her age, and an animal lover. Like many German, she has high awareness about the products she uses, how they affect the environment, her body, and so on.

She likes all soapii soaps as they are not dry her skin out, are plastic-free, and are free from harmful chemicals.

At the end of the exchange period, she used her very little savings to buy some soapii Castile soaps as gifts for her mother.

We definitely will miss her and wish her soon become a great lawyer, as she always wanted.

Meet Sue

Meet Sue

Sue is running an eco-friendly restaurant with her family in Bern, Switzerland, the Gourmanderie Moléson.

In her restaurant, they only use fresh, free-range, homemade ingredients. All dishes are prepared from start to finish in their own kitchen, without any factory products. The place is the meeting point for local politicians, artists, business people, and romantic connoisseurs.

She started to use soapii soaps just to support 2 friends she met in the Amazon jungle in Peru. However, when receiving the soaps, she likes the look and feels of it. The sustainable packaging, the essential oil scented soap quality, and the natural ingredients,…all seem to align with the Swiss high standard. The soaps last much longer than she expected. As soon as they run out, Sue is happy to place another big order of Four Premium Adventures boxes and a full set of essential oils.

She is very pleased to use and present her friends with these nice little soap boxes.

Meet Dung

Meet Dung

Dung is a Manager working for PUMA – a sports lifestyle company.

She is strong and caring. Sentimental and disciplined. She works hard and plays even harder. Her skin was perfectly fine until she moved to Germany. Her skin became picky and allergic to any soaps she used. She followed the dermatologist’s advice and tried all types of products. Most of them worked for a week or two, and then all back to problems. The even worse news is her daughter has the same skin issues. And it broke her heart.

Coincidentally, she found soapii through an old friend. She tried all soaps that soapii can offer. The Castile liquid soap for laundry made her clothes softer. The shampoo bar made her hair stop itchy. The soap bars with essential oils, especially the Lemongrass & Peppermint, made her bathroom smell refreshing, and her skin soothing. And the superstar of all soaps is the pure Castile soap bar. It’s so gentle on her skin that the dryness just disappeared. The soap is plain, hard, and lasts forever.

The even better news is, Meo – her daughter’s skin issues are also dissolved. There is nothing more relieving than seeing a child get better, feel better and look happier after a long time of suffering.

Meet Clara

Meet Clara

Clara is a creative fashion and interior designer.

Born in Angola, and growing up in Portugal, she owns Dândi, a fashion brand once was having runway shows and catwalk presentations in both Angola and Portugal.

Changing to an organic, sustainable lifestyle, she decided to start over again with completely eco-friendly projects. In daily activities, she has a skincare routine that is typical for people with dark dry skin like her fellow countryman. Not only her body but also her face and hair.

Clara found soapii through the circle of friends.

She always believes in simple plain Olive oil soap (Castile). So she uses Castile soap for facial wash and was pleased with it. She doesn’t care much about other types of soap.

However, when she was introduced soapii Salt soap, she was fascinated by it.

She always had to put body lotion after bath. No more since she found this Salt soap. For her, showering with Salt soap is not just a shower, it is a whole experience!

“If I have to choose just one soap for the rest of my life, that would be soapii Salt soap!” she stated.

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie

Charlie is a British gluten-free, vegetarian tree surgeon.

Over the year he developed an itchy head.

Michelle, his wife knows how to make soaps but sometimes it’s hard to gather all ingredients to make a batch. Charlie found soapii on a Facebook Expat group. He tried a mixed soap box of 4 (the Four Premium Adventures). The Eucalyptus & Rosemary soap feels so good on his skin and eases the pain, as well as the itch on his scalp. He feels such a relief.

The next time soapii is on promotion, Charlie buys 2 boxes of just Eucalyptus & Rosemary soaps.

Now he doesn’t have to think about the itchiness on his head for months to come.

Meet Vika

Meet Vika

Vika is a Latvian who manages Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects in Portugal, supported by European Commission.

She is an advocate for animals and the environment. She has been buying and using different types of eco-friendly soaps for her dry skin but Pedro, her husband doesn’t like them because they make very little foam.

Then she was given some soapii soaps as a gift. She recognised after using it, she doesn’t need to put lotion on her hands as usual. Among all, she adores the Charcoal & Tea Tree soap as the blend with Patchouli essential oil makes her kitchen home smell lovely. And her hand skin is not dry anymore.

Pedro now uses soapii soaps for everything, “as it foams very well”, he said.