Sue is running an eco-friendly restaurant with her family in Bern, Switzerland, the Gourmanderie Moléson.

In her restaurant, they only use fresh, free-range, homemade ingredients. All dishes are prepared from start to finish in their own kitchen, without any factory products. The place is the meeting point for local politicians, artists, business people, and romantic connoisseurs.

She started to use soapii soaps just to support 2 friends she met in the Amazon jungle in Peru. However, when receiving the soaps, she likes the look and feels of it. The sustainable packaging, the essential oil scented soap quality, and the natural ingredients,…all seem to align with the Swiss high standard. The soaps last much longer than she expected. As soon as they run out, Sue is happy to place another big order of Four Premium Adventures boxes and a full set of essential oils.

She is very pleased to use and present her friends with these nice little soap boxes.