Verena is a Director of Strategy & Programs Sustainability in adidas Germany. She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. She was a semi-professional tennis player, too.

Born and raised in Germany, had lived on 4 continents, she has a special relationship with Asia, especially Vietnam. Became a vegetarian since 15 for ethical reasons, she is highly aware of the environment around her.

Starting out as helping a friend, she found herself falling in love with these little natural soaps. On one business trip to Vietnam, during the high heat of summer, she recognised she had 3 showers/day! The Charcoal & Tea Tree soap leaves a minty cool feeling afterward. And that makes her cleansing process much more enjoyable!

Now, she is a huge fan of soapii soaps. She is so kind to spread her word of mouth to friends and acquaintances when opportunities arise. Like, give them as gifts for Christmas & New Year.

Thanks to loyal customers like Verena, soapii can make better products and serve their customers better.